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I am always happy when I have the opportunity to reacquaint myself with an old friend, especially when that friend is a cat! I first met Destiny back in 2015 when I read and reviewed her book, They Call Me Destiny, a Meowmoir, which takes place over the span of several months in 1963. Now Destiny has returned, in Destiny’s Children, a Cat Meowmoir, the second book in a trilogy.

If you haven’t read her first book, it is okay; this book stands alone. But if you’d like to get a little background, check out my original review here. Better yet read book one as well as book two. Right now you can buy it at a special price. Check the bottom of this post for additional information.

Destiny’s Children begins where book one left off and covers the next, often tumultuous, nine years of Destiny’s life with her kittens and humans, Fern and Konny. As the book begins, Fern decides to become matchmaker for Destiny and begins the search to find Destiny the perfect mate. After an initial misstep with an old, huge and hissy Siamese, a young, handsome Siamese, Dimitri, is found and becomes that mate.

Destiny becomes the mother to seven kittens and the remainder of the book lays out the next nine years of Destiny’s life. You’ll learn about her humans and their tumultuous relationship. You’ll also discover what happens to all the kittens, but especially the two kittens, including “afraid-of-his-own-shadow” D’Artangan, that remain with mom Destiny. And that is where I will leave you. I recommend you read Destiny’s new book.

Destiny’s Children is sprinkled with black and white kitty photos that will melt you heart. Near the front, you will find some angel cats. If you look carefully, you’ll see an angel near and dear to our hearts. Kitties Blue, Dad Tom and I sincerely thank  and her mom, Fern, for including this special angel.

As a bonus, you will find a prologue to Destiny’s third book, Destiny Moves to La La Land.

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