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Needless to say - back in 2015 when I held the published Book 1 of this Trilogy (They Call Me Destiny) in my hand I was very happy.  And when we entered 3 contests and were "finalists" in all three I was ecstatic.  I felt I was holding up my record in "firsts". My first produced short film was nominated for an Oscar.  My first TV drama received a prime-time EMMY, and my first published book was a finalists in the 3 contests we entered.  Not bad since I had not aspired to…or been trained to… do any of those things.

Be that as it may - I am now entering my 87th year on the planet and as I look back at all those years - I know without a question that Destiny helped me survive and blossom in what turned out to be the most difficult, most rewarding, and  most memorable time of my life. Those years set the stage for everything that followed.  As all of us who have shared a life with a pet know - sometimes when we rescue a pet we think we are saving its' life. But often it's our lives that wind up getting saved.

Fern Field Brooks

 Fern Field Brooks

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