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Readers Comments

“We fell in love with the kitten called Destiny in Book One of this “trilogy”. Now she’s all grown up and contemplating motherhood.
Two paws and one thumbs up!”
Gracie, Lucky, and Nina D. – Librarian

“I read the second Destiny book in about 4 evenings + loved it. Destiny jumps into your lap and takes you on her journey in life being a mother and raising her kittens. It’s a page turner and I can’t wait for the 3rd book!”
Elly Lefringhouse – avid cat book reader

“If you love cats, then Destiny’s Children is for you! With Destiny as the narrator commenting on herself, her kittens, and the people in her life, she draws you into a “cat’s-eye" view of the world that is sure to fill you with intrigue and wonderment. Destiny’s Children is a paw-turning book that will make you purr with delight on each page”
Richard Altschuler, Publisher

“You will fall in love with Destiny and her children, especially D’Artagnan – a most dear and crazy cat. You are invited to share   the good times, the fun times, and some sad times with Destiny, her children, and her human loved ones.  
Loretta Evans Robinson – Opera Singer

You don’t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this delightful book that’s a sequel to “They Call Me Destiny”. It’s a smart, intelligent look at life from the point of view of Destiny, yet is as much about the humans she lives with as her own experiences. I loved this book as much as I did the first story about this feline/human family and highly recommend the read.”

Maryann Miller, award-winning author and script writer

“Destiny’s Children” is a lovable journey about a woman unsure of the message life was sending her, and the wise and gorgeous black feline who helped her figure it out.”

Dr. Corinne Kalser, who is part of the story

“Destiny’s Children”, the second of a trilogy is enchanting. Fern’s many adventures, insights, loves, losses, triumphs and travails as seen through the eyes of her best, feline friend, Destiny, requires a trilogy to do it justice. Fern has lived many more lives than most of us will.  Even cat’s only have nine lives!

          Joni Ravenna, playwright, on-camera reporter, producer.

What does it mean when you get so invested in the lives of  cats? It means that Destiny and her children are so real you forget they are not humans. I became so involved with how these fur balls think, act, love and play that I couldn’t stop turning the pages. Love you Destiny – Fern too!
Sherry Halperin, Author, Producer, Speaker.

A book for cat lovers young and old. The young will see the cats – the older will see the humanity mirrored in the cat’s eyes.

Kathrine Gregor,  Writer, Translator

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