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Destiny Kalser

Dear Readers –

This book is the story of the first year of my life. It’s Book One in a trilogy with “DESTINY’S CHILDREN” to be published in 2016 and “DESTINY MOVES TO  LaLaLAND” coming out in 2017.


It begins in the warehouse where I and my siblings – a brother and sister – were born in the dead of winter and tells about my mother’s struggles to keep us warm and well-fed.  Sadly we were separated from them early on when our hiding place was discovered and then my mother and I were victims of a hit-and-run driver late one night when we were out searching for a safer place to sleep. Unfortunately my mother did not survive but I was lucky enough to be found by two little girls and then to be adopted by an interesting and talented couple who lived in a fancy condo in mid-town Manhattan and spent the summers in the Hamptons.


Fern, my adopted mother, and I came into each other’s lives when we both desperately needed someone who would care and understand. We hope you will like this story of the first year in our lives, as well as my take on you human beings and the 60’s from a cat’s point-of-view.


It wasn’t always a smooth journey but we survived and flourished.  Eventually Fern went on to become an award-winning TV producer and I became an author. 


Enjoy the read!


Destiny Kalser

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