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Author, Lecturer, Producer


Award-winning Fern Field Brooks spent most of her professional life producing, writing and directing film and television.  Her credits include sit-coms, MOWs, Mini-Series, children’s programming, documentaries, a talk show, and a competition game show to encourage the correct use of English.  She has an EMMY, an OSCAR nomination, and an NAACP IMAGE award as well as multiple HUMANITAS and GEORGE FOSTER PEABODY awards.


She first began writing when she was about 10 years old and tried her hand at a Nancy Drew novel.  Coming across those pages half a century later, she determined it was some of the best writing she had ever done.  Of course, when she was a teenager and showed it to her then high school sweetheart - he suggested she was a very good plagiarist!


Perhaps that set her back a number of years.  It wasn’t until she was attending Columbia University as an adult in the Extension Program in the 60’s and living on Riverside Drive with a great view of the Hudson River, that one late night after completing her homework she got an inspiration and wrote a dozen short stories. Now titled “We Met By Chance,” it will be published next year, along with a collection of poems in English and Italian titled, “As I Sat Thinking” and “Pensieri d’Amore d’una Straniera a Roma”  (“Thoughts of Love from a Stranger in Rome”).


Her first non-fiction book, “Letters to My Husband,” was published as a trade paperback in 1994 and later in hard cover editions in Canada, the United States and Japan.  It will come out as an e-book later this year and an audio book is also in the planning stages.

Fern Field Brooks

 Fern Field Brooks

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