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-- DESTINY'S CHILDREN: A CAT MEOWMOIR takes up where book one left off, taking Destiny through her brief arranged tryst with a handsome boy cat, her first (and only) litter, her Big Girl Operation and subsequent menopaws, and the ... well ... destinies of her children. Meanwhile, Destiny's couple, Fern and Konny, go through turbulent times, repeatedly upsetting the lives of Destiny and her kittens.

Our #2 Daughter often talks about how hard it is to take a cat to the vet or make any other drastic change in its life. "They don't know what's happening. What goes through their heads when you trap them in a box and take them somewhere where they get hurt? They don't know it's for their own good." I think Fern comes closer to my view, when she has Destiny at least understand that Fern loves her and wouldn't do anything to her that was supposed to be mean.

I eagerly await book three. Destiny has my heart and my focused attention as she narrates her autobiography, with Fern’s troubles and triumphs sometimes nearly overwhelming the story. Sometimes humans can be so disruptive! But Destiny has great love for her human companion, and love overcomes just about everything—for Destiny and Fern, anyway. --

All the best,


Marian Allen, Author Lady

Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

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