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Readers Comments

"This was the only book that helped me. The others tried to tell me what to do and how to feel. This one just shared what I was thinking and feeling. It was a great comfort."


"I gave the book to my mother and she said she could have collaborated on it - so many of the feelings expressed were her own. She's starting to read it again and carries it with her."


"I read it in one sitting like an engrossing novel. It is a remarkable love story."


"My mother-in-law couldn't thank me enough for the book. She said whenever she feels depressed or lonely, she goes to the book and starts reading and feels better."


"You can pick it up and open it to any page and be engrossed - makes you laugh and makes you cry."


"Even the appendix is fun to read!"


"Read at the risk of falling in love with Fern and Norman Brooks and their remarkable love story" Norman Lear, writer/producer "All In The Family"; "Maude", "The Jeffersons" and many other television shows.


"I loved it. It carried me through and held my interest all the way. Fern is a wonderful writer." Ruth Handler


"...compassionate, caring, and deeply moving. I know it will do a lot of good..." Peter McWilliams, author "How To Survive The Loss of a Love";


"I cried and laughed but most of all I learned what it truly means to love and be loved." Arthur Weingarten, TV writer, author


"You have no idea of your impact - but I do - because I hear it from my clients and my staff. They tell me whenever anyone is waiting to be picked up or something, they don;t want to talk -- they just want to pick up a copy of your book and just curl up in a corner and read. You're a real healer -- you're helping a lot of people to sleep at night."

JoAnn Lautman, Founder of Our House, a bereavement center, Los Angeles, California.

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