Letters to My Husband

Award-winning, TV Producer. Fern Field Brooks, was living and working in Paris on the series COUNTERSTRIKE starring Christopher Plummer and Simon MacCorkindale as the first anniversary of her husband's death was approaching. And although she had buried herself in work during the past year (they call it "denial"), she was feeling an overwhelming need to "talk" to her best friend.  

"Norman, my love. It's hard to believe this whole thing, this book, started with an overwhelming desire to talk to you, when I sat down in Paris and wrote, 'A letter to my darling husband' and then painfully had to add, '… on the first anniversary anniversary of his death.'" Thus begins her odyssey through the first year of mourning. 

Letters to My Husband…" is the ultimate result of her touching, heartrending , yet often humorous journey, which offers comfort and inspiration to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one.

They Call Me Destiny

The heart-warming story  of an orphaned kitten’s journey from a gutter in the Bronx to a fancy condo in Manhattan, and weekends in the Hamptons – along with a view of the ’60s and us human beings from a cat’s point of view.










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