Mamzelle Chickie LaSilk (Chickie)


I went straight from where I was born and grew up to my now house. Mommy and Poppy came over next door to visit me from when I was just little, so I didn't have the problems like Destiny and her children had. That's why I loved this book: It really took me into a life I've never experienced and helped me feel how lucky cats are who have humans who take care of them no matter how mixed-up human life might get. I'm too young to go through menopaws like Destiny, but now I know a little bit about what a cat can expect. Thank you, Destiny, for sharing your thoughts and feelings to Fern; and thank you, Fern, for sharing them with kitties like me and humans like Mommy. My rating: Dewclaws up!


Tipper, Lord Snowbottom (Tipper)


DESTINY'S CHILDREN tells the story of the upset and turmoil shared by a cat when the cat's people have trouble in their lives. I know how that feels, because I was abandoned by a pond in the winter and had three homes that I remember before Momma rescued me. Destiny's meowmoir really touched those feelings in me of distress mixed with hope, with hope winning. My rating: Dewclaws up!