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by Janet Blue - The Cat on My Head



Disclaimer: The Cat on My Head received two free copies of They Call Me Destiny, one for review and one to give away. We received no monetary compensation nor were we told what to write about the book. The opinions expressed here are ours alone.

Two young cousins, Margo and Cory, find a nearly dead kitten curled in the gutter next to her cold and lifeless mom. They rescue the little kitten and take her to a chicken coop in the girls’ grandmother’s yard to keep her safe. When they can, they bring her food but keep her existence a secret from the adults.

When the kitten is discovered, the girls convince their relative Fern, to become her “mom.”

They Call Me Destiny is written in an undated journal format by Destiny. (Brooks claims that Destiny wrote it in Italian and she translated.) It is the story of what occurs during that first year of Destiny’s life. But it is not just Destiny’s story. It is also about her human parents and their turbulent relationship. As all cats are, Destiny is very observant and perceptive when it comes to the actions and feelings of her humans.

Destiny’s many adventures, mostly when her family is vacationing at the beach, take place at night when she is allowed to roam the dunes alone where she searches for other feline companionship. The story takes place in the early 60s. Attitudes about cats being quite different then explains why Destiny was allowed to spend her nights outside meandering and exploring without ever having been spayed.

I won’t say more as I do encourage you to read They Call Me Destiny. To give one lucky reader of The Cat on My Head the opportunity to do just that, Kitties Blue will be giving away one copy of They Call Me Destiny. To be entered, leave a comment on this post prior to 5 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, August 19. The winner will be selected using and announced on Thursday.

In addition to enjoying reading about Destiny and her “family,” I was delighted to find the book had many black and white photos of black panther, Destiny. As a bonus feature the book also includes the first five chapters of the second book in the series, Destiny’s Children. It was just enough about Destiny and her litter of seven kittens to make me want more. I cannot wait to read book two.

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