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by Melissa Lapierre

A cat's memoir called a "meowmoir" purr-fect is that??? This first book in Destiny's story (it's going to be a series) begins as the kitten writes about her first days with her mom and siblings. The little family isn't together for long though, as her siblings disappear and her mother is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Two young cousins find the little orphan in the gutter and hide her in a chicken coop, but thankfully their secret is discovered and the newly named Destiny finds her forever home with one of the girls' relatives, Fern.

Over the next year in Destiny's life she experiences one exciting adventure after another. She goes from a hopeless situation to living in a Manhattan townhouse, but much of the book takes place when her family vacations in the Hamptons. She spends nights roaming outside searching for other cats, and even gets to ride back and forth in a!!! Interspersed throughout the book are many black and white photos of Destiny...the cover photo alone gives you a preview of what a cutie pie she was! They Call Me Destiny is a beautiful love story between a lady and a cat, and who among us can't identify with that? I read it during the days I was going through Mudpie's adoption process, so that makes it even more special to me. One of the greatest experiences in life is rescuing a precious animal and receiving their devotion and adoration in return. The next book in the series, Destiny's Children, is previewed at the end and focuses on her litter of seven kittens. I can't wait to read it!

They Call Me Destiny can be purchased at

And during the month of October a percentage of all sales will be donated to the Silicon Valley Pet Project to help defray the medicals costs of a special needs kitty, Martin. Fern Field Brooks will also be doing several book signings in the Silicon Valley area. More information on Martin and the SVPP can be found on

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