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by MaryAnn Miller

Book Blurb: A remarkable story of the first year in a “rescue” kitten’s life, and a view of the 1960’s and us human beings from a cat’s perspective. A ‘meowmoir’ you won’t want to miss.

Review: First I have to say that I was drawn to the book by the picture of Destiny on the cover. I have two black cats who were rescued, and my Hermione looks a great deal like Destiny. Now after reading the book, I wonder if their voices are the same, too.

I was also very interested in reading a book written from a cat's point of view that encompassed more than what one might find in a children's book. This one did that and did not disappoint. It is a nice blending of two lives, a cat's and a woman's, and they both have experiences that challenge them greatly.

While the story is engaging, and the reader will be pulling for Destiny through all the ups and downs she faces with Fern, as an editor I struggled a bit with some of the narrative. Information was repeated in the first few chapters, and some of the language was stilted. This is in sharp contrast to the parts of the book that work so well, especially Destiny as a character and narrator. She is expertly personified in the book.

There is also a strong message of love and loyalty that comes through the story and touches the heart of an animal lover. I dare anyone to come to the end and not smile.

About the Authors: Destiny is a delightful cat. What else can I say? (smile)

Fern Field has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years. She began her career at Norman Lear’s Tandem Productions, working as assistant to the Executive Producer of the sit-com MAUDE. Most recently she produced USA’s hit television series MONK, which ended an 8 season run last year, and she was Consulting Producer on the indie feature film “SHAKESPEARE’S CAT”.

Ms. Field is also an author. Her first book, “Letters To My Husband …” has been published in hard cover in the United States, Canada and Japan and she is now completing three more books – “Producers Don’t Cry” based on her professional experiences, and an auto-biography entitled “My Accidental Life” and “They Call Me Destiny” – a book she says her cat wrote in Italian and which she translated.

They Call Me Destiny can be purchased at the Books 2 Cherish website.

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