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by Angel's Eyes (Katzenworldblog)

They Call Me Destiny, a Meowmoir – Book review starring Angel’s Eyes


Hello Friends it’s nice to see all you again,

I have a special book to share with you called They Call Me Destiny a Meowmoir written by Fern Field Brooks.

Give me just a moment while I go get comfortable with my book so I can tell you about it.

I think this is a great spot to sit and read my book and share with you about They Call Me Destiny ,a Meowmoir.

Let me get my book open and get started of what you should know about this book. First off this book is about a lady named Fern and her kitty Destiny who shared there lives together. This book has been in the making for 50yrs. It’s very clever and refreshing approach to a memoir! Destiny the kitty has Catitude, Love and gratitude. Fern was in a abusive relationship that was getting more stressful every day. With Destiny by her side she felt the love and her soft purrs that made her life better.

This book is a must read for cat lovers and if you don’t love cats you will definably love cats after you read this book. This book will make you laugh out loud even smile as you are reading it, but also can’t help but cry too. The hardship they both went through will keep you reading. I think you will look at your kitty through Destiny’s eyes after you read this book. I hope you will love the book as much as I did.


Angel’s Eyes

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